CBD Lollipop



Sucking on a CBD Lollipop soothes your throat while CBD cascades through your body helping to keep you less anxious, more relaxed, and well-balanced.

Bioavailability, meaning how much of the beneficial substance is absorbed by your system, is increased when the product goes directly into your bloodstream via underneath your tongue. While you enjoy your mouth-watering lollipop, CBD is absorbed both sublingually from your mouth and through your digestive system when you swallow. Double delivery!!!

If you’re a biter, well, you know, you get more CBD all at once. We’ll simply advise you to be careful with your teeth.

These delicious treats come in three widely different flavors:

  • Cinnamon – Not too sweet, they taste like Red Hots™. Spicy, cinnamony, sassy!
  • Butter Rum – If you love butterscotch ice cream, you’ll be enamored. Creamy, smooth, mellow.
  • Lemon – Tastes closer to lemon peel flavor than the sticky sweetness of lemonade. Citrusy, woody, sophisticated.

Butter Rum, Cinnamon, Lemon

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