CBD Gel Capsules


These CBD Gel Capsules are available in four specially formulated gel capsule varieties: Boost, Recover, Balance, and Rest. Each formula is created with powerful herbal extracts and combined with pure CBD extract to provide you with specific effects and target results. Each capsule contains 33.33mg of CBD with 30 gel caps per container.

Ingredients | Rest: 33.33mg CBD, 75mg Valerian Root, 75mg Passion Flower, Coconut Oil(MCT), Gelatin

Ingredients | Boost: 33.33mg CBD, 75mg Yerba Mate, 75mg Moringa, Coconut Oil(MCT), Gelatin

Ingredients | Recover: 33.33mg CBD, 75mg Curcumin (Turmeric Extract), 5mg Black Pepper Extract, Coconut Oil(MCT), Gelatin

Ingredients | Balance: 33.33mg CBD, Coconut Oil(MCT), Gelatin


Boost, Balance

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