Premium CBG Flower-The White (17% CBG)


CBG (aka cannabigerol) is the cannabinoid that allows for all other cannabinoids to grow. CBG hemp strains are primarily bred to not develop many other cannabinoids, which is perfect for those who aren’t as keen on THC. This strain lives up to its name; The White CBG’s dense nugs are coated with a beautiful layer of white, frosty crystals. Its terpene profile creates subtle peppery, herbal, and somewhat hoppy flavors, and offers anti-inflammatory benefits. This strain is considered to be Indica-hybrid, offering calm, mellow feelings, while allowing you to remain motivated and active.

  • Strain Type: Hybrid / Indica Dominant
  • High Type: Calming / Daytime
  • Grown 100% Indoor
  • Federal Farm Bill Compliant (Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC)
  • 3rd party tested

Availability: In stock

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